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Unimec Bevel Gearboxes / Motor Gearboxes

UNIMEC bevel gearboxes are available in nine sizes, tenths of mounting schemes, a range of serial ratios up to 1/12 and the possibility of a customized design upon customer request. The practical bevel gearboxes cubic shape allows universal mounting possibilities on every kind of machines.
Bevel gearboxes are also very versatile with regard to the shafts choice and the possibility of a direct mounting on any kind of motors, from normal IEC to BRUSHLESS and PNEUMATIC MOTORS and so on.
High running efficiency and low noise are the logical consequences of the application of Gleason type spiral teeth conical gears. The use of this kind of geometry and the suitable thermal treatments place UNIMEC’s bevel gearboxes on top of this mechanical sector.
Unimec stainless steel bevel gearboxes / Motor gearboxes

The consumption of stainless steel has exponentially grown over the last few years. New market needs, more strict food hygiene regulations, as well as applications in antioxidants environments require an always growing use of stainless materials.
For this reason and to meet the above mentioned requirements, with its X-SERIES, UNIMEC proposes a range of AISI 316 steel bevel gearboxes including size 134.
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